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Early Childhood

The early childhood age range lays the foundation for our entire existence. In these first few years of life, our personalities are formed, interests develop, communication styles take root, and so much more. 

Knowing how to properly prepare and assist your child during this time can make a world of difference, and I want you to have what you need.

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My company focuses on all facets child development & helps you prep your children for elementary school.


We focus on what your child's body is able to do at every age and stage, and give you specific strategies to combat any delays or deficits in these milestones early on.


We focus on emotional coping strategies and resiliency to ensure your child knows how their emotions can HELP their behavior, and how to healthily respond to stress & trauma.


We focus on how your child relates and interacts with others in the world around them. We also assist them in boundaries, communication, conflict resolution, & more. 


We focus on your child's brain and everything it needs for academic foundations & a healthy mindset. We target problem solving, critical thinking, info processing & more.

Private Consultations

Is your child totally stumping you?

Whether your child has a learning disability or you just want to make sure everything is on the right track, I'll personalize your session so you feel confident in your next steps.


Speaking & Conferences

Want me to speak at your next event?

Reach out to me via email to share details regarding:

  • The topic of the requested presentation.

  • The date, time, & location of the event. 

  • Anything else you think I need to know!

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