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Let's build the Marching Arts program you desire.

Color Guard

Most band directors are not comfortable in the color guard world. These packages can help you if you do not have a color guard instructor on staff, or are looking to outsource some of the managerial tasks. 


Request a CLASS to get custom videos sent to your program. 

Request a CAMP to have me teach your guard in person.

Technique Block

This package includes tutorial videos of basic technique and warm-up exercises in requested areas (dance/flag/rifle/sabre). 


Choreography Class

This package includes custom show choreography with a video tutorial for your fall or winter season. Choreography will encompass movement and any authorized equipment (flag/rifle/sabre) your program spins!


Show Design & Management Bundle

This package includes costume & flag design, character development, and custom show choreography with a video tutorial. I will also handle correspondence with costume and equipment companies to ensure your items arrive in time for your first show! 

NOTE: This package does NOT include drill for the fall season, or staging/blocking for the winter season.


Private Lessons

In our 1:1 spin-lessons together, we can explore the specific things holding you back and target specific areas to push your growth further. I can help with basic fundamentals, dance training, trick tosses, show choreography, & more!

NOTE: Must be local to Middle TN, or have significant tech capability.

Marching Arts

The marching arts is a unique combination of athleticism, musicianship, performance, and culture. I can help you build the successful program you desire with these services. 

Request a CLASS to get custom videos sent to your program. 

Request a CAMP to have me teach your program in person.

Leadership Track

Your leadership team is the backbone of your program. In this class, your section leaders will learn to teach, support, and develop a positive culture through a series of team-building exercises and branding techniques. They'll be ready to implement your program's values in just

4 hours!  |  Request a CAMP to have me lead this class in person.


Rookie Track

This class should be attended by the new members of your program AND your leadership team. We will focus on team-building and basic fundamentals so your newest members start the season off on the LEFT foot.  |  Request a CAMP to have me lead this class in person. 


Movement for Marching Band

This class includes a series of video tutorials to get your marchers moving like your color guard members. I'll teach basic stretch and dance combinations, proper technique, and underbody options you can add to your drill!  |  Request a CAMP to have me teach your band in person!


Ready to Get A Quote?

In your inquiry, please include: 

  • The size of your program. 

  • The level / class / division of your program.

  • The circuits your program competes in (if applicable). 

  • The classes you're interested in (or the skills you need addressed). 

  • Your budget. 

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